A proposal of environmental education on ecosystems, energy and sustainability.

Bioescuela is an environmental education program for secondary school students in Argentina.

The Bioescuela Program works to construct new attitudes, criteria and values based on the principles of sustainability. This involves the implementation of practices to preserve the environment, the security and the health of the people and the community.

We started the Bioescuela Program with the creation of the online Educational Platform bioescuela.org.ar which has achieved success thanks to the enthusiastic work of our team. It is a unique platform in Spanish that addresses and relates the themes of environment, energy and sustainability, centered around positive values.

Currently, the Bioescuela Program is setting out to develop its pilot implementation, inviting all educational institutions to utilize the Educational Platform. We are setting about creating a series of Motivational Workshops, editing a Guide and a training course for teachers, and an Activities Book for students with proposals for academic activities.

We invite you to discover the Bioescuela Program and accompany us in our resolution of propagating environmental education, sustainability and positive change.

You can help the work we do through a contribution for the amount of money you consider appropriate. Help with an election amount per month, via Pay Pal, from the following button:

Thank you for deciding to help spread permaculture and sustainability!