Education for sustainability in primary schools

The purpose of the Semillas Program is to inspire children between 4 and 10 years of age in respect, love and harmony with the cycles of nature.

Stimulate the aesthetic that is found in nature, as well as the many unprecedented solutions that show us the living beings that inhabit it is the main task of environmental education for children. In childhood, the encounter with nature is founding.

The program is aimed at boys and girls in primary schools. The meetings are held in groups of up to 60 children.

The Seed Program was launched in 2010, bringing stories and seeds to more than 3000 children from kindergarten and first years of primary school.

The Program was transmitted to other NGOs training facilitators, teachers who since 2012 have been implementing it with different adaptations.


Since then, arriving each year to a greater number of children, the Semillas program is carried out in different schools in Argentina.

We display in each encounter stories, poems and table stories that revolve around the relationship of man with nature. Working from a permanent culture, the connection between literature and seeds is possible.


The Program is proposed as objectives:

– Encourage reflection and action in primary school regarding the

-Develop the ability to transmit a positive and mobilizing approach
about the environment.
-Transfer positive social and cultural values ​​such as
solidarity and caring for oneself and the earth.

The book «The Good Seed» started with the first experiences and, on the occasion of the pedagogical design of the educational program «Seeds», we continued with the creation and writing of activities.

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