Permaculture Ecopráctica is a non-profit organization that motivates people to be part of the change based on ethical principles: care for the land, care for people and fair distribution.

Our vision is a community that practices a sustainable culture.

The Design Center develops Permaculture as a tool for transformation towards sustainability. We work with research and design, we develop teaching and study material, we offer courses and training in permaculture.

We annually carry out the Permaculture Design Certificate Course.

We provide advice for the design of spaces and sustainable projects.

We offer education seminars for sustainability, recycling and reforestation workshops.

We carries out sustainability programs called “Seeds”, for primary school students, and “Bioschools”, for middle school students.

We have a free online publication. And we produce the contents of the MATE Permaculture Book Collection editorial.

We work together with the community, schools, NGOs and people to build the paths and the appropriate solutions for the problems present in the environment and in society.

Our main task is the practice of a culture for permanence, sharing the experience.

The founders

Vanesa Viudes. Zen nun. Advanced Permaculture Designer, certified by David Holmgren. Actress from Conservatorio de Arte Dramático. Holds Social Communications studies. As a designer and teacher, she works as an advisor for the creation of sustainable spaces and delivers Design workshops and courses.

Juan Lagomarsino. Zen monk. Permaculture designer, certified by David Holmgren, Permaculture co-founder. Primary school teacher. Holds Philosophy studies. Writer and editor.